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Dr. O. Cruz did my bad dental. Had to argue with him I was having pain in one of the front crowns-basically said live with it. Problem-upper partial-little rubber &/or metal pieces would come off -luckily I didn't swallowed them. He said bring them in & I'll replace them. Weren't they permanent.?A plastic tooth broke off & he told me to get a kit & fix them myself. Bottom partial awful all the way around. Too bad he said that's the way the lab made them. I thought he was the Prosthodontist. He wrote on piece of paper notebook paper in pencil sectioned in 4 & said pick which price I wanted to pay. I chose the less expensive like a little over $5,000.00 & he ended charging me & my husband's insurance over $8,000.00!! He talked me in getting my lower 8teeth whitened -didn't work) for free. I was charge$300.00 I referred a friend-told her whiten no charge like h. Many calls & letters to Dr. Villa I had to make an appointment to tell him all. In an exam room took out my partials, placed them somewhere, brought back films & a chart began telling me I had no bone-I had to tell him he had other patient's chart & films. Got up to leave & as I was walking out inside of upper lip developed bump-face began swelling-went to E.R

I know this doctor: 2 years

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