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Dr. Dan Holtzclaw DDS, MS - Periodontist

166 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-375-0050 Call

"Among descriptors and words reflective of Dr. Holtzclaw and his staff are professional, compassionate, amendable, considerate, reliable, punctual, and empathetic. A retrospective evaluation may be succinctly described as a positive experience adequately satisfying my dental and personal objectives within given time constraints. To conclude, Dr. Holtzclaw's expertise, mannerisms, and patient oriented dedication are highly commendable."

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Dr. Richard Hayashi DDS - Dentist

83 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-327-6947 Call

"Dr. Hayashi is a great guy and dentist. He did great work replacing my teeth, you cannot tell they are fake. He also saw'll me on a Sunday. Would recommend him to anyone."

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Dr. Joe Neeley DDS - Dentist

43 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-327-6947 Call

"Dr. Neeley has been my dentist(and my husband's) since about 1981 when we moved to Austin. He and all staff are professional (including ethical) and courteous. I highly recommend him and any of his partners. You can rest assured that Dr.Neeley does not do any unnecessary work."

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Dr. Randy Kunik DDS - Orthodontist

37 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-327-8818 Call

"Dr. Kunik has worked with my budget, and he has brought my teeth together. i had an extra babytooth in the front that I was afraid would give me grief later in life, but he got me hooked up with invisalign. I had the tooth removed, and my first sets had a cap to replace it, so no one would ..."

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Dr. Elizabeth Grimm DENTIST - Dentist

32 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 5123276947 Call

"I would (and have) recommend Dr Grimm to family & friends! Her knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. I tend to be an anxious dental patient but from my first visit she put me at ease. I am loving my new partial and Dr Grimm has given me back my smile :)"

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Dr. Dora Nemeth DDS - Dentist

27 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-327-6947 Call

"Dr. Nemeth is by far the best dentist I have ever had. She is very careful, considerate, and GENTLE. Her staff is very professional and it is a great office."

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Dr. James Widner DDS - Oral Surgeon

21 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-452-3223 Call

"I had 5 implants and one surgical extraction last year and I am ecstatic with the results I have had. I waited about a decade to get these implants because I was so scared. Dr. Widner made the experience so wonderful that I feel silly waiting so long! In fact, by waiting so long, I had significant bone loss in ..."

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Dr. Helen Ragsdale DDS - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512 346-4690 Call

"I have been a patient of Dr. Ragsdale for over 7 years now. The staff is extremely nice and very polite and helpful. The office is at a great and well kept location. I have found Dr. Ragsdale herself is knowledgeable and not pushy about additional dental work."

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Dr. Laurie Bradley DDS - Dentist

3 reviews Rating

Austin, TX 512-327-6947 Call

"Dr. Bradley always provides the utmost in care and treats my kids and me with compassion. She is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive to patients' fears and concerns. I have full confidence in her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing a dentist."

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Dr. Jeff Alford DDS - Oral Surgeon

1 reviews Rating

Lakeway, TX 512-261-6900 Call

"Earlier this year, I decided to get dental implants where I was missing teeth since I was a teenager. I needed to have two abutments implanted in my jaw in order for my dentist to insert the crowns. Since this requires a surgeon, my dentist recommended Dr. Alford at Lake Travis Oral Surgery. I met Dr. Alford for my consultation ..."

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